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Thread: KBC helmets

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    Re: KBC helmets

    Last night I went helmet shopping for my step son at a local dealership. I admit to a previous bias in favor of the so called 'top shelf' brands such as Shoei and Arai (and am a current Arai Quantum owner).

    In short, I have erred...

    After spending a considerable time pouring over the KBC line of helmets, I can honestly say I believe they are within fractions of being as nice as the most expensive lids you can buy, but for significantly less money. Maybe since they don't have the big name or huge advertising budget, they can sell their wares for less money.

    I especially like the Racer-1 and VR-1 models, but the boy picked out a Light Silver TK8. A fully removable liner, excellent venting, an easy to operate shield, and less than $110! A steal if I ever saw one!

    Believe me, if you get a chance to look over these lids, do so. It might change the way you look at brands other than the 'best' ones.


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    Re: KBC helmets

    I've only worn Shoei's and Arai's - but I was shopping around for a new lid for this season. Looked at everything BUT an Arai - since I disagree with their sales policy, I will no longer buy their helmets.

    I actually ordered a KBC Racer-1 (from HH, they don't have tinted shields for them btw) - when it arrived it was scratched up pretty good so I had to send it back. But, I got to try it on and I can honestly say I wasn't too impressed with them. As I said in another post, a lot of it had to do with the fit of the helmet - but I wasn't crazy about the shield system or the finish. Just my opinion.

    In the end I've decided to try out a OGK FF3 - still waiting for it to be delivered but when it is I'll post my thoughts.

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    Re: KBC helmets

    I have the VR1, it's both SNELL and DOT approved...can't get much better credentials. It fits my noggin better than any helmet I have tried...Arai and Shoei included, the visor mechanism works flawlessly, the liner is removeable for cleaning, and it flows air 'pretty well' It's noisy, but what 'performance' helmet isn't...that's what they make earplugs for. The color matches my '54 and I saved some serious doughage. The above represents my humble opinion.


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    Re: KBC helmets

    Eh, I am probably going to sell my KBC helmet. It fits well, and I like the removable liner a lot, but the shield distorts my view. At first I thought it was just me, but switching between my Shoei and the KBC, the KBC definitely warps the field of vision a little bit, which totally throws off my concentration.

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