Adjusting the throttle position
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Thread: Adjusting the throttle position

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    Adjusting the throttle position


    when i twist the throttle (engine off) the leds on the PC cycle according to throtthle position but only in the first seven out of ten. at full throttle there are still 3 leds to go...

    Wasn't this supposed to be at first led on idle and at the 10th led when full gas open?

    Is there any way to adjust the throttle position without using a PC? I have the feeling something is not right with this bike, maybe the previous owner messed it...

    any sugestions?

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    Re: Adjusting the throttle position

    yeah u have 2 adjust the 2 cables the 2 cables that r comning from the twistgrip. i think that it is a 10mm to loosed the bolts. Pretty sure u have plenty throttle play right now as that is factory standard.

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    Re: Adjusting the throttle position

    You can set the throttle position through the PCIII software so you get the correct reading (LED's) at closed and open throttle positions.

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