929 Heavy Vibration..... Help......
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Thread: 929 Heavy Vibration..... Help......

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    929 Heavy Vibration..... Help......

    2001 929, 14,000 km, never raced or red lined, dropped lightly 2,000 kms ago, bike has recently developed a heavy vibration in the pegs and bars, its so bad i lost a bar end, anyone familiar with this problem? thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: 929 Heavy Vibration..... Help......

    The only vibration you should be experiencing at this point would be from the need to have your valves shimmed. That is only an annoying ticking sound in the top end. Possibly a fouled clutch disk, defective bearing or loose rotor assembly if it is there while stationary. If it is only there while traveling check your rims for small dents, rotors and sprokets for any warping or misalignment and loose bolts elsewhere like the mount bolts for the engine, exhaust, swingarm, subframe, front/rear axles and fairings. That vibration is coming from somewhere and you need to find it. (Check your plug wires too)

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