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Thread: End Cans....

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    End Cans....

    Hi Guys,

    Bought my first blade last night, it's a '94 streetfighter which has been dynajetted etc. and runs real nice. loving the bike.. The only thing is it has been setup, jetted etc. for a race can, but it had an MOT yesterday morning so has the standard can on it. This, obviously, makes it run really lumpy... The race can that came with it has a broken stud in one of the 3 fixing bolts. So my questions are... Will the two remaining bolts and the strap be enough to hold it without blowing etc.? Will any fireblade race can with 3 bolt fastening fit, or are the bolts in different positions for different years ect..??



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    Re: End Cans....

    buy a small center punch, an easy out, some wd-40 or Liquid Wrench, a small drill bit about 1/8 diameter. Punch the center of the broken stud now drill on that spot about 1/4 inch deep with the 1/8 drill. Enlarge that drilled hole slightly with a 5/32nds or 3/16" drill to the same depth, maybe a little bit deeper. Now tap the easy out into that drilled hole, use a T-handle tap holder or a small crescent wrench with plenty of Liquid Wrench or WD-40 and slowly unscrew the broken stud. Make sure the EazyOut you have will work with a 3/16 size drill bit. Let the penetrating oil sit on the broken stud before doing all this for at least 2 hours and drench it. That will give it time to loosen up the grime or rust, etc that is holding it solid in there.

    After you get the stud out just use a bolt instead of a stud. Use a stainless steel bolt if you can.

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    Re: End Cans....

    More than likely if your bike has the stock oem header than only a 93-95 can will fit it and no other aftermarket can will probably fit. Honda changed that flange in 1996 so we are all stuck with finding the correct can to fit the oem header. Now if the header is aftermarket then the only can that will fit the aftermarket header is the can made for that header.

    here's where it gets really freaking confusing. A 1996-99 oem header will bolt up to a 93-95 bike. So if you have a 96-99 oem header on your bike then the only can's that will fit are 96-99 or aftermarket cans made for the 96-99 oem header.

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