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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    Well, I ended up dropping my bike cause someone decided to block off a road with a fence. I threw the bike on the floor and took on the gate with my body so the bike would slide underneath. Its been about a month and a half and I finally finished fixing everything. I went to start it and noticed white smoke coming out of the pipe. The bike was on its side for about 10 minutes after the accident. I'm assuming its burning oil but can anyone let me know what may be the problem?

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    Re: I need help

    It shouldnt be anything bad. Another person had the same problem in a different thread and all he did was run it for a while and it seemed to clear.

    Remove the can and see if its just oil/fuel in the can by seeing if its puffing smoke from the bike itself...?

    Just a thought

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    Re: I need help


    Steam looking or white smoke exhaust is (99.99% of time) coolant vapor.

    For me, if this persisted longer than 10 - 15 minutes of running the motor after each cold start, investigating leakage would be in order....also being mindful that there'll always be some condensation from the day before, since gasoline does contain some water.

    A quick curbside test for raising or lowering your gut feeling as to whether there's oil in there: Hold your hand in the exhaust stream; then repeatedly run two fingers against each other and feel the amount of loss of viscosity.

    Also This may be interesting for you:


    For variety of conjugations on white smoke in exhaust

    WikiAnswers - What can cause white smoke from the exhaust

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