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Thread: kerosene

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    hi there ive just recently purchased a new parts washer to help clean the shite off some really oily greasy bikes i intend on repairing or question is what is the best solvent to use for said purpose. ive always used jizer in the past but have found out that kerosene is just as effective and a lot cheaper.your comments and experience will be welcomed so please let me hear comments.

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    Re: kerosene

    I've found kerosene to be the best for cleaning. WD40 is good when you need some lubrication and anti-corrosion protection as well as cleaning. Degreaser is good too. Depends on what you can get the most value out of. Buy bulk.

    After I degrease the parts I usually wash my whole bike with CT-18 truckwash to get all the kerosene/degreaser off because I find they leave an oily residue.

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    Re: kerosene

    The oily residue is good for the parts because the fumes burn off but your parts still need to have a nice protection on them if they arent being immediately put back into the bike.... and kerosene is awesome stuff it does great on chains without ruining o rings.....

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