removing plastic trim clips
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Thread: removing plastic trim clips

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    removing plastic trim clips

    help! i'm trying to remove my rear seat cowl & can not figure out to remove the plastic trim clips on the underside of my seat (plastic cowling). normally they screw out some & then u can just pop them out, but the screw in mine (small phillips-head type) is either stripped or something cuz as i turn it rotates but does not release.

    anyone with suggestions?
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    Re: removing plastic trim clips

    I have had to use a small common screwdriver to apply a little pressure between the phillips head part and the other piece of the clip as I was turning it out. Sometimes just a little pressure makes the screw part bite and back out better.

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    Re: removing plastic trim clips

    thanks fshrmn. i finally got it loose by pulling the entire clip (phillips head screw AND the base) partially out.

    & thanks for the quick reply

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    Re: removing plastic trim clips

    & finally removed the rear seat cowling! good lawd! that thing was ridiculously difficult to get off. i have no idea why honda designed this fitment so poorly.

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    Re: removing plastic trim clips

    yeah it will make you a little nervous the first time you have to pry open the sides to pull it loose.. but once you do it a few times it's easy..

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