Bringing the beast back to life...
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Thread: Bringing the beast back to life...

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    Bringing the beast back to life...

    Its been almost a month since i my bike was put out of commission by some blind old hag in a buick. The forks, front fender, and battery are going to be here in a few days. I have already replaced the pegs, mounts, and what not on the right side and i still have to get around to putting the trees on. The only problem i have is how in the hell are you supposed to work on the front end of a bike unless you have a lift or something? I've seen stands and stuff but all that crap mounts off the forks. I thought about a regular car jack but i dont think it would be very stable. Im ready to ride again...god knows is killing me not being on the road, especially with the weather lately. Any quick fixes or ideas?

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    Re: Bringing the beast back to life...

    i use a come along and hang it from the cieling of my garage. just use a tie dowm strap and a come along hooked to the garage door rails or around a stud in the cieling. thats how i do it.

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