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Thread: Which torque wrench should I get?

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    Re: Which torque wrench should I get?

    Quote Originally Posted by any4xx View Post
    I guess I should have kept my opinion to myself. Yes, all bolts do require a specific torque setting. But "Critical" is only necessary in stresses engine bolts. The rest can be close enough. But I was also assuming that most folks have "the feel" for tight enough and not too tight. I've been tightening bolts for over 40 years. When in doubt, not-too-tight with some blue Loctite is always safe.

    But to address the torque-wrench specs, I believe it was already stated, but they are accurate in the middle of their range and not so much at the top and bottom of their scales. One again though, this will only be a problem if you are working on rod bolts. head bolts, or main bearing bolts. ANY torque wrench will do you just fine if you are just working with chassis fasteners. I have three torque wrenches. What you want to do is to get the service manual, figure out what range of torque settings you will most often be working with, then get the one wrench that will cover those.

    Oh, and ALWAYS store your torque wrench unloaded! Dial it back to its lowest setting so as not to stress it right out of spec. And if you REALLY care, send it off to be recalibrated every year. That costs about as much as a less-expensive new unit though.
    I agree, except I have a bad habbit of breaking small bolts due to bodybuilding Dude, to answer the original post.. buy a torque wrench you can afford. I have a $300 snap-on that works just as good as my dad's 30 year old no name.

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    Re: Which torque wrench should I get?

    One thing I have learned on mechanical side of life is.... Anal retention can only help, and never hurts. Pull out the 1/4 drive 0-30lbs dial wrenches for yer plastics kinda anal.

    As for the original question. Get what works for now. You can always upgrade later.

    Torque wrenches need to be calibrated, and re-calibrated. I have yet had the need to recalibrate my snap-ons, but I don't use them much anymore, and they are properly used and stored EVERY time they come outta the case. Always set it back to 0!!!! I am sure the cheaper the wrench, the more prone it is to needing recalibration. Proper use is VERY important to torque wrench life.

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    Re: Which torque wrench should I get?

    The center clutch hub's torgue is 94 ft lbs.
    It's the highest torque spot I've ran across on the whole bike, so far.
    I borrowed one that went that high from autozone.
    For the rest, I have a lazyman's "digital" torque wrench, from Sears.. 1/2" max 80 ft lbs. They had a sale a while back, for $59.99 if memory serves... Until the above mentioned nut, this wrench worked for literally everything else on the whole bike...

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    Re: Which torque wrench should I get?

    what kind of torque ranch i need for the rear wheel bolt and what size/socket is it

    i have those clicking noise from the chain/sprockets. i suspect that maybe the wheel is not align. other wise i really don't know. the sprockets look fine.

    thanks Dan

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    Re: Which torque wrench should I get?

    ive a 1/4 drive wrench, suits my needs so far.

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