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Thread: advice needed

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    advice needed

    This winter I need to do more extensive work on my 929 than I usually do, among other things I'll be removing the engine to have it serviced. What do I need to support the bike during disassembling? Do a rear & front stand make any sense when the forks and rear shock are going to be removed and sent to a suspension shop? I was thinking doing the transmission (bad 2nd gear) and engine head replacement (bad sparkplug thread) myself, I'm also going to check my whole wire harness for a ground problem that have annoyed me for a while. I have the front stand but not rear, I was hoping I could do without it..

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    Re: advice needed

    We have a Motorcycle jack that sits under the frame in the center. Then you use soft straps to anchor the frame to it. That lets you do just about anything you want with it without worry.

    Garage Pro Motorcycle/ATV Hydraulic Lift : JC Whitney: Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

    Here is one for $80 bucks. Sears has one for about $120.
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