NO-MAR tire changer review
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Thread: NO-MAR tire changer review

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    NO-MAR tire changer review

    Myself and 6 other riders went in as a group and bought a NO-MAR classic tire changing machine and balancer set up. The installation was fairly easy and we changed our first set of tires on one of the partners Ducati 1098 last night. As advertised we were able to change his tires on the Marchesni rims without scratching them. It's an excellent piece of equipment and well worth the money if you have a small group that wants to go in together and buy a complete changer set up.

    In a day and time where we're paying $40 wheel to have tires mounted and balanced by the time you change 2 sets of tires you have recouped your in vestment and get the satisfaction of doing your own work.

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    Re: NO-MAR tire changer review

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    Re: NO-MAR tire changer review

    I will also vouche for this tire changer... it's probably one of the most simple and easy to use things ever. it takes me longer to get over there, than it does to change the tire... and i don't have to worry about paying a dealership to scratch my rims...

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