Movable Pit Bull Chocks
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Thread: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

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    Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    I've seen some of the products out there for making chocks removable without fixed mounting points in the floor. The problem with the solutions that existed was that they either required you to mount fixed track on the floor perpendicular to the trailer or you had to run additional track front to rear down the centerline of the bike. Neither option appealed to meas the first option limited your ability to dynamically move the chock front to rear and I didn't want to add even more track between existing rows.

    What I wanted was a way to dynamically mount a chock on a movable section of track that could be placed anywhere between two existing rows of track.

    So I came up with this solution:
    Custom Chock

    As you can see from the pic, I not only have the flexibility to move the entire track/chock assembly forward/back but I can shift the chock on the track right/left. The chock itself unclips from the track easily so you can leave the track itself fixed while loading/unloading.

    The track clips that accept bolts are available from a company called SURE-LOK and are used for securing seat belt assy's to A/E-track but they also offer L-track models. I procured them from a local distributor, Walter Terry Distributing in Houston, TX.

    The bars connecting the tracks are just .25" bar stock with a hole and slot milled in them. Pic of the connecting link and clips..

    My machinist then just fabricated some L-shaped tabs and welded them to the Pit-Bull chocks for mounting to more clip assemblies. Pic of the chock and clip..

    The cool thing is that if I want to max the trailer out with bikes by loading them perpendicular to the trailer, I can use the chock assemblies into the left or right most track (pic of trailer interior).

    The machining and welding cost me all of $60 for modifying/fabricating two complete chock/mounting assemblies. Each one of the SURE-LOK clips was $12. I could have eliminated several of the clips from the design by just welding the bars to the cross track but I wanted to be able to completely disassemble and re-use the components if I ever sold the trailer.
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    Re: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    Nice!! I have brackets that attach to my Pitbull chocks that were made by my local trailer place. They clip into the etrack. But, as you stated, I had to mount a piece of etrack perpendicular to the length of the trailer. That works for me, as I only ever carry two bikes, but your solution for front-to-back adjustability is excellent! Thanks for sharing. Many have asked about this. The brackets I have would work nicely, then I could use your set up for the "mobile etrack". I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide I need the front-to-back adjustability. Cool!

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    Re: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    Sweet! I have been contemplating this very thing. First I need the trailer though . Also a friend suggested mounting bikes at an angle to get more in, although I don't figure I would need to.

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    Re: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    I wonder if Pit Bull would start making some e-track models with rider input. Seems a lot of people would like this (and they are just over the mountain from a certain sheep that plans a visit for a front stand soon)

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    Re: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    Don't know until you ask.

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    Re: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    Great idea! I'm not real happy with my removable chocks. Looks like a good solution.

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    Re: Movable Pit Bull Chocks

    Looks good

    heres what mine look like.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Movable Pit Bull Chocks-image4.jpg  

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