Motorbike trailer
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Thread: Motorbike trailer

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    Motorbike trailer

    The Atlantic Bike Festival, located at Myrtle beach, SC, begins the third week of May. I need a trailer so I can tow my motorcycle there. A simple single bike setup would work for me. I would like to spend about $200 - $500. Most trailers I've found do not fit this criteria. Do I need to spend $2000 on an all purpose 6 x 12 enclosed trailer?

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    Re: Motorbike trailer

    Unless you REALLY need your own trailer, you might look at renting one.

    If you're going to be there several days you can even do this to save money. Do 2 one way rentals so you're not paying for time that it sits in the hotel parking lot.

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    Re: Motorbike trailer

    I thought of the renting, but I would like to purchase one in the future regardless. I'm going to the Mid-Ohio track in August (among other destinations) and believe if there's a decent $500 bike trailer out there I should pick it up.

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