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Hey guys,
So I'm taking a trip down south near Vegas, and I'm bringing the bikes this time. I've got questions about towing...

Its about 800 Miles round trip. I have a 2wd 1999 Chevy S10 4cyl.

First question.
The Truck tow bumper says Max Tounge Weight 350lbs, Max Trailer Towing 3500 lbs stamped on it. The manual says 200lbs - 2000lbs are the limits.... Which one is correct?

Next question.
This pic is the only trailer I can find so far to borrow. Its maybe 14X8 ft. Dual Axle, 15"rims.
Any guesses on how much it weighs?

Think I can tow this trailer with two CBR's on it?

Thanks alot for the help!

P.S. Any tips anyone wants to through in about towing for a rookie please feel free, I'd like to learn!

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The use the same bumper on all of the models, so the V6 would have greater two capabilities. The manual should be tailored to the engine, so in this case the 4 cylinder and you would be looking at 2000 lbs. The tongue weight comes into play on the rear suspension as you don't want the rear compressed at the front aiming for the stars. If you position the bikes correctly on the trailer, the tongue weight will be minimailzed.

The bean counters have a say in the ratings. Usually the ratings are under the max of the vehicle.

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That trailer is prob 800-1200lbs empty. Bring a spare tire and bring a spare hub kit if you can get one. I tow alot of boats and the bearings go out in them often but thats because they get dipped in water. Its not as big of a problem with utility trailers, but I would still bring the hub kit if I had it.

Keep your speed down, don't tailgate, if it rains slow down even more. If the trailer starts swaying YOUR GOING TOO FAST, let of the gas easy and slow back down.
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