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I'm new to the site and not very familiar with forums, so I hope I'm doing this properly!

We have a '14 Pioneer 700 that we just did a top end rebuild and went 2 sizes over on the piston size to get rid of a scratch in the cylinder, and now afterwards it runs rich at idle. Anything above idle it runs like a charm, but for some reason idle is extremely rich... like it dies it's so rich!

We made sure the air filter is clean, cleaned the IAC and verified it's moving properly, and checked for codes; no codes. We did a tps reset per instructions in the service manual. No difference.

Any chance the oversized piston is requiring a different fuel ratio, or throttle position?
Or left-over soot in the muffler from burning oil before the rebuild throwing an 02 sensor off?

Thanks for your input in advance!
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