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So I've kept up on all the threads about the Big Red and thought this review might be helpful for folks looking at the Big Red for their side by side choice.

The general theme with most on this site is that the rev limiter and lack of top end speed is a bit irritating, maybe so but I want to put it in perspective for those considering the Big Red.

I've had a Honda in my drive way since the mid eighties, so this was a natural choice when I was in the hunt for my UTV. I wanted something to do some work, hauling with and without trailer, pushing snow and have a little fun romping around the mountain.

I've found that 40 mph is plenty of top end for my tastes with the terrain I deal with (mostly up and down mountain dirt roads and trails). The very few times the rev limited kicked in, I was pretty much ready to back down anyways. If I was thinking on being road legal or putting a lot of miles on straight dirt stuff, this could be an issue for me.

I bought a 72" plow system from Hunterworks along with a 4500 viper winch .

This system rocks. along with some chains I got from Bargain Outfitters.

We get serious snow here in the mountains outside Park City Utah. This set-up puts me in the league with the big boys. I push a huge driveway and can get the job done on the roads when necessary. The only time I engaged the rev limiter in reverse is when I was in a big hurry to clear out the drive way, again I needed to cool it anyways. What's another couple of seconds.....

Big Reds intention is fulfilled in a very large way from my point of view.

I have a 1600 lb car hauler that I load up with brush and such that I take down to a shared area for this purpose at the bottom of the mountain. Big Red brings the car hauler (empty) up the mountain with ease.....very impressive since I have some serious steep grades in the two miles up my bump to the cabin.

If your looking for something that has the speed to push the limits of what is safe in this type of vehicle, you will have to modify, plain and simple.

I do have one bitch and moan....never had to work so hard to change the oil and filter. If you putting serious miles on this thing that whole exercise is kinda of a pain in the arse.
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