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a riding jacket for tall people?

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i was wondering if anyone knows of a good riding jacket for tall people. i'm not all that tall 6'2 but i can't stand for the sleeves to ride up and i know it will drive me crazy riding. by the way im 6'2 and 170 so if anyone else out there is around that size could you let me know what kind of jacket your wearing and how the sleeves fit? thanks, Daltrey<----the new guy
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i'm leaning toward alpinestar. does anyone know where i can get a good price on them? thanks
Look in the vendor section. So-cal sportbike is about to do a group buy on stuff if you can wait 'til it gets going. If not, nhfirefighter13 or sinister racing are good people to deal with.

Edit: Be advised, Alpinestars sizing tends to run small. I'm 5' 11" ~170lbs and I wear a size 44 jacket with just enough room for their Tech back protector. Also have GP Plus gloves in size 10/Large which are a perfect fit. Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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