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Hey fellas,

Im in the market for a new leather jacket and cant come up with a decision on my own.:rolleyes: I found a place that offered me the SMX jacket for $440, so i went to try out the sizes on the A* jackets. When I got to the store they dint have the SMX but only the new 2007 SMK model there. This is what got me thinking.

Older model (2005) SMX Air Flow Leather - retails for $699 for me $440
Newest model (2007) SMK Leather - retails for $399 for me $350

question is should i buy the SMX Air Flo for $440 or should i buy the SMK for $350??

any input is greatly appreciated.


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Getting the Airflow depends on how often you ride in extreme heat.... and if you can handle the extra breeze when it gets a little nippy at night :thumb:

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