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Do I look like some sort of Ernest Goes To Camp wannabe this morning or what?

Anyway, this is a sweet jacket, I mean it fits perfectly. The new one that arrived via FedEx this morning is a size 56 Euro. It's a bit tight in the underarms and across the wide part of my back when I'm standing with my arms at my sides, but as soon as I sit on the bike and put my arms forward (or in my chair with my hands in front as I type), the forward-bias cut and design of the jacket becomes apparent and is immediately comfortable.

This thing just oozes quality. Thick, heavy leather, sturdy zippers, GP-style armor, removable liner, reflective logos, etc.

Attached are a couple pics. The one of me "modeling" (har-har-har) the jacket shows what it looks like with my Teknic back protector underneath, a perfect fit IMO. If the A* Track Pants I've got on order are this nice and fit this well, it'll be a home run for me in the Riding Gear Department.

MAM, here I come! :hyper:

Note: Secret Agent black box across the eyes to protect against resident board photochoppers. ;)

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I want the new Alpine* jacket that you see the ads for in MotorCyclist. I think they are calling them the "black label" or something. Stylish yet protective for the street. Good choice on brands I think. My gloves from them are awesome, and probably about as much as that jacket! :crap:

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BDA: :moon:

phobe: I Googled that. You're apparently a Star Wars geek? :idunno: :rasp:

HGT: :kiss:

LOL @ Conq (I hope not to crash like him!)

Whip: It's my day off ponk!

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Aren't these things supposed to fit tighter than, say, a textile riding jacket like my Cortech stuff? It's comfortable when I'm in a sportbike riding position.

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