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I originally got the large tech series, but it rode up under my suit and hit my neck. I supposedly have the medium, now. But, I am having the same problem with it riding-up and interfering with my helmet.

A. Would someone verify my size, please? It says 510mm. It has 7 plates and 6 black center connectors.

B. How do you keep these things from riding-up and chopping your neck off and/or hitting your helmet and stopping you from raising your head all the way?

I have tried it under two different outfits with all other back protection removed.

I think I'm still about 6' tall. Maybe I shrunk over xmas????

I'm just over 6' tall and mine fits perfect...right after zipping my leathers, I tilt my head all the way back and it settles right into the perfect spot... :thumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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