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Which suit is better: Alpinestars perforated GPU or Kobe Talon or Dainese Tobruk?

My local shop has Alpinestars GPU 1 pc for $520 [1.2 to 1.4mm leather]
1-888-fastlap has Kobe Talon 1 pc for $389 [1.5mm leather]
ebay has Dainese Tobruk 2pc suit for $550 [D-Stone nylon]

My priorities in order are:
comfortable fit (size48US, 6'2", 220lbs)
good ventilation

80% of my riding is crouched down on curvy roads for hours at a time. I might go to a track someday.

I plan to use in summer (typically 75F to 85F here in Oregon), and i hate getting hot and sweaty. I figure if either leather suit is too hot, i can add some perforations myself.

How well does the Dainese D-Stone material compare to leather w.r.t. abrasion and "hotness"?

This would be my first suit, any other suggestions/guidance?


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Easy, and best, answer: get the Alpinestars GPU one-piece racesuit. :thumb: :thumb:

You might also consider getting an undersuit (one or two-piece, your choice) made with Coolmax fabric, or something similar. It'll help tremendously with keeping you comfortable over a pretty broad range of temperatures. It'll also make it a whole lot easier to get into and out of your leathers. Here's a link to get you started.
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