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I recently traded in my Icon SuperDuty's for some Alpinestars "Stunt" riding shoes, well I finally transformed my bike back to street and tested them out over the are my thoughts...

1.) The laces are just long enough to tie but not long enough to catch on the brake or shifter. :clap:

2.) The buckle that covers the laces is an added precaution that the laces wont catch on the levers BUT the buckle is real chinsy and is not permantly attached at either end, it unhooked itself on more than one occasion over the weekend, so its probably going to fall off, not too big a deal I think it looks cool but serves little purpose. :idunno:

3.) The button things on top help grab the shifter when riding so no slipping occurs and also give the shoes the "riding gear" look. :cool:

4.) They feel very vented at most times depending on foot position, a benefit for you warmer climate riders, not too bad for us northern riders (39 degrees last night when I rode with them, and I survived)

5.) Not much grip on the soles which translates to - QUITE THE ASS CLENCHING EXPERIENCE when you put your foot down in sand. :eek:

6.) Overall they are very comfy. :thumb:

Well hope this helps anybody looking for casual riding shoes, and keep in mind I may be wrong this is just my opinion and I'm a little slow :huh:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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