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I hate riding with anything bigger than my ID in my pockets, jacket, pants, whatever...actually even when I'm not riding I get bugged by anything in my pockets, I haven't carried a wallet for years. I roll with ID, debit card, and cell phone. Unless I'm going to school and then all of that stuff is in my backpack. Oh and then I have this freaking huge annoying garage door remote that I have to carry, unless I want to park the bike, come in, get remote, then go park the bike. Putting it in the trunk of the bike is almost equally annoying. So I picked up one of these...

Only $17.95 and 9 seconds to program. It turns out that almost every garage door opener on the market is made by some subsidiary of Chamberlain.

Sears Craftsman LiftMaster Chamberlain Security+ Garage Door Opener Three-Button Mini Remote Control model 970LM

I bought a keychain universal remote opener off of eBay last year and love it. MUCH easier to just reach there and push that button that fumbling around reaching in your pockets or having to get off the bike like I used to do. The range is suprisingly good on it too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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