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I picked up my new Arai RX-7 RRV yesterday. I have the RX-7 RRIII, RX-7 RRIV and now the RX-7 RRV. I got a great deal on it and could not pass it up; I won't mention the price I paid. Arai was already at the top and this new helmet will keep them there. The new material for the helmet lining is very luxurious; it feels softer. Existing accessories like the helmet liners will not work; I haven't taken it out but I'm sure the mounting is different as well as the color. The side pods seem to be a bit narrower which should help reduce wind noise. The shield system is largely unchanged; but they have improved upon it. Some will still like the way the competition handles it, but I’ve never had an issue with the Arai method. They also give you a CD on how to change the shield and how to remove the side pods. You still have the lever on each side of the helmet; that has not changed. The levers are now a bit longer but operate the same way as previous generations. One difference is the side pods, besides appearing a bit narrower and the shield assisting in holding them in place, they now require a tool (which is supplied with the helmet) to remove them. This should help with some having an issue with the side pod popping off when they are trying to get the shield installed.; I've only had this a couple of times and have never broke a side pod. The tool is a three in one tool and has three different uses; one end is for the air wing removal. The middle portion is for the shield base plate screw and the other end is for the side pods. The shield needs to be removed to remove the side pods. The face shield does seem a bit larger; you need to compare it side by side with the previous model to see it. I never had an issue with the previous model in terms of field of vision. I guess they decided since they were making other changes they might as well as go all out and leave nothing untouched.

All of the venting has been changed. The buttons on the top of the helmet are now larger. You still have the slides that cover holes on the back vents but they have added additional vacuum areas on the top vents. This should increase the airflow through the helmet. Even the eye brow vents have been changed; there is no longer a hole on the bottom of them. The front vent looks cleaner and you see a smooth surface through it; so it looks more finished.

I cannot comment about the spoiler on the top of the helmet. I'll have to wait until a hill country ride to check that out.

Fit wise, I always went with thicker cheek pads, they current ones seem to be a bit thicker; at least compared to the previous models. I do have thicker cheek pads on order.

I don't have a scale to see if the new helmet is lighter or not compared to the previous models.

I have used Arai helmets for years and will continue to do so; I'm impressed with the new helmet.
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