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I might as well make an intro for myself, I'm Ryan and I just signed up for an MSF course as i want to start riding and i bought an Arai Vector helmet in racing red. I've searched quite extensively on a few sites including this one and even Arai's own website and haven't really seen much info on it other than it is a new model for 2007. Just kinda curious as to what I've purchased pretty much:O

Also I guess I really don't need to wear too much protection for my MSF class, but would wearing a leather jacket and riding boots be a bit much, or just prudent on my part? Because I have already bought an A*'s TZ-1 jacket and SP-1 gloves along with Oxtar TCS RX boots, all black :D , and not too sure about being pretty much fully geared for just a simple skills class. Even though i have just about zero experience.


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First off welcome! Congratulations on wanting to take the MSF course and wanting to start off motorcycling the proper way.

There is nothing wrong with wearing your gear to your MSF course. I myself have the TZ1 and SP1 combo and it is awesome. If, in your mind, you want that peace of mind and security, absolutely wear it. Let the other people worry about themselves and leather vests. The only bad thing I could see is that you won't be moving at speed to cool off those leathers so you might end up a little on the hotter side if your weather is such. But if it's cold, then you'll be happy you're geared up.

Yea, I don't think the Vector is on their website yet. Sport Rider Nov 06 states the Vector is the replacement for the Astral X line. It sports the proprietary CLC construction, reinforced shell ridges, LRS shield-changing systen and single multi-density liner. I also think Arai gave in to the trend of adding a little spoiler to the back of the lid. Subtle but nice.

Good on ya that you've already got the gear and are taking the course. Welcome to the hobby.... cause it's REALLY addicting!

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Thanks :) I can't wait for my class, it starts on the 8th of Feb. I think I just might wear all the gear, it definitely will give me a little piece of mind.

I just got my helmet in the mail and it was just a little bit too big :( Moved around my head more than it should have, so I had to return it, big props to for making the process so painless btw. I was definitely impressed with the quality of the helmet though, seemed to be right on par with my friend's shoei.

Just hope I get the replacement in time for my class on the 8th, after which I'll be looking for a nice small starter bike, can't wait :D

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The Vector is a new lower end (for Arai which means it is top end) helmet. You will give up some venting and features vs the Corsair. There is a writeup on it in the January issue of Road Racing World.

The only things I noticed big are:
1) less venting, not that it would be bad but venting is a must in AL
2) slightly heavier, Arai's are lighter than less expensive brands though
3) no removable liner, not huge but you have to wash it in helmet and cannot custom fit cheek pads etc. (something few do).

In short you got a very nice helmet that will be comfortable AND safe :thumb:

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Oh yeah, i passed :D, only missed three points (out of 20) by putting my foot down in the box.

The entire class was very fun, and i learned a whole lot in it, can't wait to get something to ride on.

The last day of the course, it was pouring rain, and all the rider coaches joked that they should charge us more money cause we were getting twice the class at half the price, lol.

But the rain really helped pin down all the concepts they presented, though it made things harder being in the wet, i would rather learn things in a more difficult fashion.

As far as my gear goes, the jacket kept me dry from the waist up, but from my waist down, everything was soaked, kinda sucked but i just cranked the heater on the way home. The helmet was very nice and had plenty of air flow through it so that my head wasn't all sweaty even though we were keeping the speeds down because of the rain. I think once i get a bike, i'm definitely going to invest in some waterproof overpants or something and some water proof gloves, but otherwise the gear performed great and the class was awesome :)

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Congrats on passing. Yea, I think i clipped a cone or two and that's with 2 years of riding under the belt. And what sucked was that I was first in all of the exercises so the others could see an example of how it supposed to look like. Talk about pressure.

Overpants are great if it rains in your area. You're right about learning in a tougher environment but you may want to limit yourself when it comes to riding in the rain. You will eventually become a better rider but the costs for making a mistake in the rain will cost more than a slap on the wrist or detention after school. Once you get your ride, ride slowly, ride after school or work, and ride often. Become familiar with how your bike handles at slow speeds. Be familiar with how your bike handles at medium to high speeds. Hopefully you'll get a ride and spring and summer will become your favorite seasons. Shop around your local and find some deals. Join some forums... this one... and search the classifieds for used bikes. You will get TONS of opinions on newbie rides but the best one I've heard and listen to is "your first bike should be one you're not afraid to put down and get scratched up." Unfortunately, it will happen and you don't want to be too upset about scratches especially when you fork over major dosh.

Good luck on your search and keep us updated on your choices.
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