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silly question maybe, i'm going to fit a helmet cam to my helmet (amazing)I live in Ireland ( we drive on the left!) but i'm wondering should i fit the cam to the left or right or at the top(crown) of my helmet to get the best view of the road ahead, i've looked at professional videos but they go from left to right? doesnt matter which country they are in? and i still cant decide which is the best view or if it matters?-- but i'm looking for the best few ahead of MOST of the tarmac( surface area from the cameras eye line) i suppose i should place it on the my right side of helmet? any ideas, i dont think very well on Sundays

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Mount it wherever you can get it most stable. It shouldn't matter much which side it's on.

Just make sure it's forward enough to not get too much of the helmet in the shot and line up the camera view with what you're seeing when your head is level and eyes straight ahead.
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