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I recently bought a '91 CBR600F2. The night I bought it a friend and I went out for a ride for about 50 miles... Big smile on face!!!

About half way round I started to hear a whistling sound, but thought is was his H-D. We got about a mile from home and my bike just died, flat as a pancake. The headlight faded quickly, and it would not start. Once i removed my Helmet I realised the whistling was my bike, and coming from under the seat. Eventually I get it home and pull out the battery, connecting it to the charger gives an error and will not charge.

I bought a new battery the following day, and all is well. A week later, I hear a little whistling on my way home from work. Next morning, bike starts and is good. A couple of weeks later the whistling is back again and this time once it has died down the bike will not start...

I removed the battery and there is no sound when I shake it (I cannot hear the acid sloshing)... I took the battery back to the shop and received an exchange.

On Saturday I was out for about an hour and a half and when I arrived home the bike is whistling, I quickly pull out the battery (with gloves) and there is gas escaping from the seal between the top and bottom sections of the Battery case. Once it has stopped I reconnect the battery and the bike started.

It appears that I keep boiling the acid out of the battery. I know it's hot here in Texas but this cannot be normal.
Is this a known problem?
Are there any 'Heat deflectors' which could be missing or is there another solution???

I don't really want to have to exchange the battery every month or so.

Sorry for the length but I thought the background info might be useful...

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it seems to me your bike is overcharging how to check it is start the bike stick am volt meter on the terminals of the battery and check what its reading. it should be between 13/14.5 volts any more shes overcharging and boiling your battery if this is the case you need to change the voltage regulator.ambient out side temperature will not effect your of look

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yeah once you change the regulator, you're good to go. and stay away from any emitting vapors...i wouldnt even go near it until it cools. good luck

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Thanks for the advice, I guess 18+ volts is not good. I have now got a new Voltage Regulator and 13.9 volts is going to the Battery.

As expected quality advice.


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