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OK, not to beat a dead horse (and I did the obligatory searches and found some informative threads), but I have a couple of questions. I am looking to purchase new boots. On the internet I have researched Oxtar T.C.S. Evo Ti, AlpineStars SMX+, and Sidi Vertebra 2. The Oxtars are a little "bling bling" for my personal taste, I have read about what a pain it is to put on the AS's, and read where the Sidi's squeak and have bolts come loose. Aesthetically I like the Sidi's the best. Also read in my searches that the Sidi's offered anywhere from "poor" ankle protection to "very good" ankle protection.

Also your thoughts on Lorica vs leather, and I couldn't find anywhere exactly how the Sidi's fasten. My current Teknic's have a dual lace/3 velco flap fastening system. BTW, anyone know what model of Teknic these are? They are in excellent condition with fairly light wear on the soles and will be for sale here on the forum soon. Size 8.

Just looking for some fresh opinions here... TIA!!
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I have the AS SMX+ and do not consider them to be a pain at all to put on. Most people say it's a pain because it takes 3 whole steps instead of 1 or 2, like the others. They are very comfortable and my feet feel well protected
Those look like the Violator boots.
The Vertebra boots have a zipper on the inner leg side, and a velcro flap that goes over it. Yes, they squeak a bit when you walk, but they are a good boot for the money. The real problem with Sidi's bolts is when racing or agressive track riding, as the bolt heads can be worn off when the toe slider wears down too far, making changing the toe sliders a pain. I have heard of some of the other bolts coming loose, but mine have never come loose.
I went with the Oxtar's because I have wide feet and got a great deal on them. Other than having to loctite the toe slider screws and a bit of WD40 to silence the squeaks nothing bad to report. :cheers:
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