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Hey guys,

I just discovered a "brand new" 1986 XR350!

Never ridden, zero km, stored for 19 years! Started every 3-6 months throughout its life to keep the seals healthy.
Don't bother asking for more info as it is already sold
(not to me though :crying: ).

Seems someone here in Oz heard they were being discontinued (in 1986) and thought it would be a good idea to buy one and store it as an investment. Don't know if it was worth it for him as it sold for AU$7500 (approx US$5500).

In 1986, as a poor university student I remember lusting after these. The XR350 was (then) latest and greatest 4 stroke enduro bike. Sadly there was simply no way I could afford it then. I remember how disappointed I was when I heard they were discontinued. I could never understand why Honda stopped making the 350. The 350 weighed less than all later XR250s but had more power - it was a great bike. 34hp, dry sump, 112kg - it would still be a great trail bike / social enduro bike today.

I'm not surprised this one sold quickly. What a once in a lifetime opportunity! Wish I had bought it.

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That is unbelievable. I used to have an 84' XL350. I loved that bike. :inlove: So much torque that I sware it could throw a rooster tail a mile long.... Well, not that far but it sure seemed it when I was 16 years old. It was my first Honda.

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phobiaphobe said:
Now that brings back memories. Just needs a Supertrapp.
:rotfl: Only time I rode with someone that had one of these, he did have the Supertrapp.
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