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Okay, bought the GMRSX1, and am about to pick it up from my local dealer.

I listened to a friends, with my Ipod plugged in (with the audio cord option we all bought), and the range is pitiful (for music)...

So, I plan on splicing headphones (Sony/ etc.) instead of using the weak, thin as heck stock headphones supplied.

I would have preferred no splicing, but the jack from the box :D isn't a regular headphone jack as it incorporates the mic.

I plan to splice past the mic/headphone junction (of course).

Anyone do this yet, or see anything I have missed???

Problems?? Suggestions??



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Red Rider said:
Was the volume output on your iPod turned up high? I've had great audio input on my CBox (X1) from my Valentine1 and iPod. Make sure the volume is turned up on the CBox, too.
I use my MiniDisc player with my X1 and as long as the volume on the MD is up high its pretty darn loud. I mean you dont really need bose quality sound while riding, just some tunes to rock to :thumb:

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Red Rider-

That is one clean fix. I'm going to try that, and then I'll post up with results. If nothing else, I can try it and if results aren't up to expectations, I can go the splice route then

Thanks a lot!

TGZ- I'm not an audiophile, but if I want to hear music while riding, I want to HEAR it. In all fairness, I didn't mess much with the controls (my buddies helmet), but I turned the Ipod on full, and turned the volume on the C-Box up with the little arrow(?) keys. I was only listening to it at a moderate level, but I could tell the frequency response was not good. Flat would be my description.

After the fix, I'll post up what 'phones I went with in lieu of...

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how in the sHells are you guys able to wedge you head in with the speakers it came with. I bought mine over a year ago and the first thing I tried was to put the headphones in the helmet and try it on, except I couldn't get the darn speakers to stay near enough or comfortable to install it on my shoei, HJC, or my other HJC (CL-12 and CL-14) So its been in the closet colecting dust. Plus I ponied up the $$$ and still haven't ran into any sportbikers that have one. What a waste of money :crap:

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I bought mine as a "group buy" with a local riding group. I also thought it would be good way to listen to music (to my disappointment), and thought it would be worthwhile to get a 2nd headset for my wife, so we can communicate when she's on the back.

The other guys installed the speakers in the 'indents' for the ears in their helmets. You should have some sort of recess in your liner for your ears.

If that still doesn't work, get the hookup on the link above, and use koss, sony, or some other "in ear" headphones.

good luck!
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