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I I have a switch from a 2003 CBR600R and I'm trying to figure out the wires from the turn signal component inside the switch housing. All I'm looking at are the wires that come from the turn signal "box" inside the housing. The horn and the lights are obvious. But here it goes:
3 on the top
1 in the middle and
2 on the bottom of the component.

top 3 are from left to right= blue, pickish?, and orange
middle is black w/ orange stripe ( i thought this was a ground?)
bottom 2= orange w/ white stripe, blue w/ white stripe.

what I'm trying to do is adapt this switch to a bike which never had signals (XR600), so I'm really not sure which wires I actually need to run the signals, and which ones are for like dash light indiactors or what not.

I figured at least 2 must be for lights on the dash to indicate when your flashers are on
another one must be a ground
and another one must be power in,
but I can't seem to figure how many wires I actually need to make the signals work, or that matter which ones to connect to.
Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks:)

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Have you checked the service manual to see what those wires are?

This may be stating the obvious but check the turn signals themselves to see what wires are coming out of them from that end. You'll have to probably check just past the connectors.

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well see the thing is, I bought this switch off ebay to adapt to my bike. And my bike doesn't come w// signals from the factory, so there are no wires to go by.

I'm trying to find out if the ground will eliminate continuity between the two wires when the switch is in the middle position. If I turn the switch to the left, the right bottom wire has continuity, if I turn it to the right, the bottom left has continuity, but if the switch is in the middle, both wires have continuity. Which means if I hook these up right now, all the blinkers would be on. But I reall don't know how to test for a ground on this thing, the entire component is plastic. Maybe you don't need one? :huh:That just doesn't sound reasonable.:nono:

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thanx guys:), I finally figured it out. I took the actuall compoent apart and found that the middle wire is actually connected to the bottom two. So I took this contact peice out, and I know have the middle grey wire on top as my power in, orange on top as my left side signals, and blue on the top as my right side signals.

I just cut the other wires off, cuase I'm never gona need'em, same w/ the clutch wires. I kept the horn wires so I can use'em as a kill swithc. The headlight it seems on this bike must have always been on? I was only a two way switch, so I'm assuming it would just be low and high beam, no on and off. Not really sure, but if its just on and off I"m cutting those wires too.
Again thankx for the help guys I appreciate it.:plus1:
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