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I read about this in the latest Roadracing World. It is $22.00 and can be found on You will have to search for motorfizz or input cat. # 4222 to find it.

MotoFizz Thermo Clock
This stick-on clock/thermometer instrument is fully waterproof and provides the ambient temperature or current time at a glance. Accurate to +- 1º, it can be set to read in C or F and will display time in either 12 or 24 hour formats. Only 1.5" x 1.75" x .63", the ThermoClock is removable from a snap-in bracket (for remote use or theft prevention) and there’s also a neat auxiliary mounting base to help angle it for easier viewing. Sixteen min/max memories let you know how hot or cold it was at different times. The included button battery runs it for about a year. Range is -40F to +137F. Both an Aero RWH favorite and an exclusive

I ordered one and installed it last weekend. I had to make another mount for it and the Sigma bicycle computer. It turned out nice and will enjoy knowing how hot and cold it is when I am riding now.

My girlfriend asked me, "don't you know if it is hot or cold when you are riding?" Well of course I do but I like know exactly how hot or cold it is. She just did not understand why I wanted it, must be a guy thing, you know sportbikes and gadgets.

Here are some photos.
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