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Ill be looking at buying gear when i get back from this sandbox, and I was wondering what people payed for thier gear? Im trying to get a feel for the bank account drop. If you could, say where you got the stuff too. I know ebay is a common buying ground, and prices there can fluctuate, but i want to make sure i dont get ripped off.

I did a search on here for a thread like this, but didnt find one. Theres a lot of bits and pieces everywhere, but nothing too specific.

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it really depends on what you buy. It can be anywhere from lets say $400 for helmet/jacket/gloves (the basics in my opinion) to a few grand. I have 2-piece leathers that I picked up for $150. They were on clearance for $400 but I tried to get them to throw them in for free when I bought my current bike, we settled on $150. I have A* GP Pro gloves which are $200. I've spent probably around $1300 on 4 helmets over the course of the 5 years I've been riding plus a few hundred bucks more on a couple other jackets, a couple other pairs of gloves, plus another almost $200 for a back protector, plus $340 for boots which I also got on clearance online. so it can all add up. but its protection for your body so the more the better no matter what the cost.

so it really depends on what you want, what you can afford, how much you're comfortable compromising on quality vs cost, if you can find deals.

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Lets say money isn't much of an issue, I'm looking for some broad spectrum prices. My preferences are still changing, and I'm really influential. I'm just making sure I'm checking the blocks on protection, at cheap or regular prices. I'm not a fan of paying 150 for a 75 dollar product.

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Assuming you go brand new from a dealer of sorts. You can expect to pay:
$250-700 for a helmet
$300-600 for a leather jacket
$200-300 for boots
$50-200 for gloves
$300-1500 for full leather suit

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Do you want leather or text?
Do you want a one piece or two?
My helmet was about $400.00 Aria Quantum
Leathers from Honda (2 piece) was about $700.00
Leathers (1 piece) $2400.00 Helimot custom fit and design
Boots Garnae (When I bought the bike in '00) $130.00
They tore to shreads in a get-off
REAL Boots "Daytona Security Boots" I think they were in the $500.00 range. Maybe more.
Bohn Back/spine protector $130.00 or so.
Gloves Nankia $200.00+ although many manufacturers have caught up and now we have lots of choices.

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I like that you are seeking good gear but the question is FAR to open ended for a good response.

So here is a few suggestions....

When you get back safely :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Go to a few local shops and try different brands of helmets. I prefer Arai because it fits ME well is light and premium protection but it may fit you poorly (an AGV makes MY head hurt). Also consider buying local since they were invested in what you tried on. That might help you to narrow the helmet brand some which will help you get better feedback.

Second on leather check the seams. A seam that was glued then sewn then folded over and resewn (protecting the first stitch) is an indication that it will protect your hide in case of a get off. Next check number of panels, more panels == more tear points. Next thickness and quality/type of hide. Lastly look for features such as venting, zip (360 or 8" or none) for pants, availability of matching pants, etc.

Gloves are a mix of the two above. Fit first then construction. There is a lot of quality gloves out there so do not settle for 1 or the other get both.

Boots should be over the ankle and the variation is so huge and dependent on usage that I have nothing that useful.

After that you may be able to ask about specific brands and models to get great feedback. For instance if you were looking at a Joe Rocket GPX suit I would tell you to be sure to get the Type R model or nothing. Also if you like a brand but don't like the price folks with similar fit may have alternative suggestions.

Hope this helps a little.

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KBC Helmet $300
Alpine Stars Textile Jacket $200
CE Armor upgrades for Jacket $100
Joe Rocket Mesh Pants $175
Alpine Stars Gloves $50
Apline Stars Boots $125
Rain Suite $80
Bose Headphones - $99
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