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Written by [email protected] (Amy Granat) on Jul 31, 2010 02:59 pm

The headlines say it all: "The Shasta County board of supervisors voted today in closed session to sue the Shasta-Trinity National Forest over its controversial roads plan."

Please read the story published in the Redding Record on July 27th. Shasta County has voted to sue the Shasta-Trinity National Forest over its recently completed forest plan, and the lack of consideration for any of the county's concerns. Siskiyou County is not far behind, and has planned a meeting next week to determine whether to join Shasta County in the lawsuit. It is expected that both counties will file together.

Congratulations to Friends of Shasta-Trinity National Forest for all their hard work and efforts that helped bring the problems with the forest plan to the attention of the Boards of Supervisors and have helped result in this commendable action. Let's all support Friends of Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and both Shasta and Siskiyou Counties for their willingness to stand up for their counties' best interests.

UPDATED: Shasta County to sue forest over roads plan » Redding Record Searchlight
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