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Within the past few months I have been asking a lot of gear related questions on here as I have been putting together a proper kit in anticipation of moving from my Dual sport into a sport bike.

Ok well I feel like an a$$hole but I am going to say this anyways...

Laid the bike down tonight on a left hander about 10 seconds into riding away from a restaurant. Not sure what happened exactly, but I remember turning in then hitting the asphalt, the rear going out and away, watching the bike sliding/spinning down the road making a spark show. I tried to stand up only I was still sliding, causing me to tumble. Stupid move. Not sure why but I felt like I had stopped! When I did finally stop I got up and ran down to the bike, picked er' up and rode away.

I figure it was a too fast for a cold tire or something on the road, cause obviously the tires were cold, the bike went spinning away, and I haven't the faintest idea what happened it all happened so fast. My friend was behind me, in his car doing about 35mph, he thinks I was doing about 50mph, he saw the whole thing. I didn't think I was going in fast but he said he heard me accelerate hence the higher speed then him. This 4-way intersection is huge, each direction is 3 lanes.

I slid down the middle lane/far right lane of the road I was turning onto, and the bike was about 30 feet down from where I stopped tumbling. Friend said I slid and tumbled about 30ft and the bike about 60ft. It seemed a lot longer to me. It felt like I tumbled forever.

So what I was wearing:

Vemar VSR helmet, got some nasty scratches and though the visor was closed, it broke off the hinge on the left side. TOAST!

No biggie I guess as I have a X-11 in the mail right now, was not happy with the Vemar.

A* Stage perforated jacket, has a bunch of scuffs on the left forearm and the back, you can see the edge of the back protector in a scuff and some metal bits ground in the left forearm pad where it slid along on I guess either parts of the bike or something on the road. It's totally usable. My upper body is as good as new, not a scratch.

TPro Forcefield Back protector, like new!

A* Gp tech gloves. Some scuffing on the rubber palm protectors, and on the outside of the pinky finger, hands are good as new, gloves are barely damaged.

Icon hooligan denim pants, they look the worst of it; a thinned spot on the ass, and some damage on the legs; specifically on the left side where they impacted. As far as my skin goes, some raspberries on my ass, about fist sized and some road rash on my shin and lower knee from tumbling. Weeping, but no blood, so very minor. Had I been wearing my A* track pants I am certain I would be fine. I would be wearing them, but they are delayed in the mail due to the holidays.

Sidi Corsa Vertigo boots. They have some scratching on the outside of the vents, as well as the ankle guard. The scuff pads are also damaged, but no more then they already were from scraping the ground. They are good as new, with exception to the left one, where after riding for 10 minutes and getting to a stop light, I put my foot down and almost slipped as my foot was covered in oil. I guess the engine case was leaking and the wind was blowing it against my boot. I cleaned them best I could but they are still shinny from the oil, not sure how to fix that. For some reason there is a slight bruise on my right outside ankle, I am just noticing, and some pain, but the boots look fine. My friend mentioned he thinks I hit the curb, maybe that is where I hit..

The bike? Well not sure as I drove it straight to the shop and parked it as it was leaking oil. As soon as I noticed it was leaking I check the level and it was fine, and the shop was no more then 10 minutes away. It was dark so I couldn't see the damage.

What I could see, it will need a new engine case, and whatever was leaking replaced. New fairing, new clip on and bar end. Mirror is scraped, new passenger foot peg, not like I will ever use it and there was a small scratch on the swing arm nut. So I guess not too bad from what I saw. unless there is something more serious in the engine.

So yeah anyways, time to go relax!

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Well I went back to the scene of the accident in the day light, and just before the scrape marks left by my engine case and bar ends, there is a missing piece of the road, about 6 feet long, about 6 inches deep and about 6 inches wide. That was right about the half way through the turn. I never saw it at night. Guess that explains why I lost traction so suddenly.


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good to hear you're okay bro, sorry about the bike. that sounds expensive to fix, and from my experience, bike parts arent cheap, evne for 20 year old ones

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Thank you for the well wishes Bros

The pants never wore through at all, but they did get some damage in several areas directly corresponding to my rash. In the future, I will be wearing them less and the track pants more, but I do believe at low speeds for small errands and stuff they held up very VERY well. If your heading out for something leisurely or the like, I would say around 60mph or less they would do ok.

Not as good as leathers of course, but if your taking your time being careful it should be ok.

If you want to go play or something, by god wear leathers! I wouldn't recommend you wear the Icon stuff. Something with armor and the like is necessary. I honestly believe based on my minor injuries had I been wearing full leathers, I wouldn't be hurt at all.

As I said earlier, I didn't even see what caused me to crash, that is how fast it happened, first 10 seconds of riding. IMO, you never know when it's your turn. I learned my lesson the hard way, per usual.

Like I said though, I just have some minor road rash and raspberries, and a little swelling from the impact thank god. I have had much worse on my mountain bike, even wearing full armor.

I suppose you could think of it like this. Decide how much time you can afford to take off work, how much it might cost you for a small trip to the hospital or some first aid supplies, and a new pair of pants. How much a little pain and suffering is worth to you, then decide what you want to wear when you get on your bike.
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