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Digital Dash

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How many of you have the digital dash? Just curious.

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I have one (dealer installed 1 month ago) so I don't have much to report yet other than it fits/blends well into the dash and is easy to read. While I am not super mechanically inclined, I do remember my dealers installer commenting to me that it is was somewhat of a moderately difficult installation in terms of wiring...take that for what it is worth...
I bought and installed mine. I thought the biggest deal was trying to figure how to remove the shift knobs and steering wheel as the instructions didn't cover that. Cutting the hole in the dash worried me but the material is very soft and easy to cut. The rest was no problem just takes a few hours. Don't get in a hurry.:patriot:
I'm getting ready to buy a big red, haven't done it yet as they are still waiting for the 2010 red ones to come in, so I'm deciding on what to get with it for accessories. So far it looks like a winch, moose plow, battery box and battery, two piece windshield, and a digital dash. They said they would knock off 15 % on accessories that I got at the same time but said 180.00 labor to install these items. Sound fair?

I have one. My dealer also nocked off about 15% on all my acc. I agree on the shift knob and cutting the hole concerned me too.
180 does not sound that bad to install all that. I think I would jump on that.
I also think that is an OK deal. I bought alot of my accessories from Mason City Honda they sell at 20% off with free shipping on most that I ordered. I looked this morning and didn't notice the free shipping this morning but here is there add if you would like to check it out.:clap:
Honda Off-Road Accessories catalog
I also have the digital dash. Installed it myself without removing the dash. The wiring you mention is really not a problem; it’s the drilling of the hole for the diff lock that was a pain for me. The remainder was just plugging it in. There was actually another thread with pictures posted of my finished product.
As far as other accessories I like the floor mat and bed mat (works great for my dog, and there is a lot of sand where I live). I also bought the factory A arm covers which I really like however I also just bought a skid plate for my Honda Foreman from and they told me that they are working on parts for big red. If that product is anything like what I bought for the Foreman I would wait and buy from them. For a Winch, waiting on delivery now but got it off ebay for $500.00 (shipping included). The battery box, I used a factory box with a garden tractor battery (also a thread on this). Battery is more powerful and cheaper than adding a second stock battery. If I could turn back the hands of time I would go with a Moose battery box kit. Can’t find it now but I did see a battery isolator kit that I liked, just depends on where you ride. If you go for week long rides in the woods I would install one. Remember we all like pictures!
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I had mine installed at the dealer when I bought my bike. Wouldn't want to be without one now.
I installed the digital dash myself. Not a big deal, the most worrisome part is cutting the hole through the dash but once you start it's very easy. Took about two hours to complete. If you have questions feel free to ask.
I purchased the Digital Dash for my 2010 BR. The instructions refer to the service manual to remove the shift knobs. Unfortunately there is no reference in the service manual, that I could find to help me remove these knobs. Any help would be appreciated.

The shift knobs can be removed by laying a block on the dash and taking a bar or long screw driver at the bottom edge and prying the knob straight up and they slide off.
I installed my digital dash too. Got the shift knobs off by pulling straight out/away from the dash. This takes a little effort but they will come off. The one thing that concerned me was cutting/drilling the holes in the dash. Take your time and double check everything before cutting, you should be okay. The dd is worth the effort.
Thanks guys, for the insight. I will give it a try on my next days off. I will let you know how it went.

I Started to tear apart my rig last night and was surprised to find several of the screws were cross-threaded, I had to use vise grips on the screwdriver and push really hard with the screw drive to keep from rounding out the screw heads. Also the torx nut heads on the bolts that hold on the safety net clasps, were rounded out and had to use vice grips on the heads to remove the bolts.

I am going to see if i can clean up the threads on the cross threaded using a tap and die set, also going to the hardware store for replacement hex head bolts for the safety clasps.

as a old hen i let the dealer do it lol....i like far so good.
Were the instructions for installation detailed enough to follow? I know some instructions that come with aftermarket products seem to be a bit confusing. Thanks for the help.
We have a digital dash, had the dealer install it. Part of the bid.
Well, I just did the digital dash and found the instructions very easy to understand. I did the install with the help of a friend and it took about 2 hours. The hardest part was cutting the dash to fit the meter. After that the rest of the install was easy.
Just installed mine yesterday. Fairly easy and took me about 2 hours going slow and being careful. I didn't have to completely remove the dash but I did take all the hardware off and tilt it back a little to access the screws that hold the case in place. That saved taking off the handles and the brackets for the safety net. Couple tips from my experience:
1. Don't take the entire dash out if you don't have to. It'll save time.
2. Use a utility knife / razor knife to carefully cut the plastic out where necessary. Use a slow sawing motion and don't push hard on the blade. The plastic is very soft and cuts easily and you can be precise this way.
3. Use a drill bit for the diff lock light. I drilled from the front to the back and used larger and larger bits until I had it just right. The dash is marked for the hole so it is centered and spaced properly.
4. When you reinstall the case the first time with the new meter, don't bother tightening the screws too much because you have to take it right back out to install the meter cover and push pins that hold it in.
5. The screws that hold the dash in are torqued pretty good. I used a large Phillips head and did them by hand and didn't strip any out. I'd say be careful and use the larger screwdrivers - I think they would strip out with a smaller Phillips.
6. If you have a windshield, that's gotta come off too if you want to tilt the dash backwards. Not a big deal but a little extra time.
7. Make sure you thread the new wire tie in to the case before reinstalling as per the picture in the directions. It does make for a nice clean finished OEM look and holds the wiring up nicely.
8. I really can't believe this doesn't come standard and really, really can't believe there is no way to monitor hours for maintainance unless you install this. Honda doesn't mess stuff up much but come on - you list service intervals at XXX hours and give us no way to determine just when those intervals arrive? Hell, my $600 generator and $850 lawn mower have hour meters built in - that's all I want - don't care about the speed or miles.

All in all tho, a couple hours and some careful cutting and the rest is plug and play.
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Mine came with one already installed
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