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Programming Probs Acumen DG8
There has been some confusion over the programming of the Acumen DG8 Digital Gear indicator. If you are having some trouble, try these revised instructions that will clear up any questions you may have. Also dont forget the knowledge base as a source of up to date info on our website Read these instruction through and understand what they are saying before you begin. Most problems have to do with the initial setting of the number of gears into the DG8.
Revised programming instructions for the Acumen DG8
1 Start the motorcycle and leave it in neutral.
2 Insert the button in the back of the DG8 and press until a flashing L comes up. Remove.
3 Insert the button until a Flashing 1 comes up. The next couple of instructions are where it differs from the original. Remove the button until it flashes Three times. Then press again and a 2 will come up. Remove the button. Let it flash three times and push the button until a 3 comes up. Let it flash three times, and so on through each of the gears you need. If your bike is a 5 speed then program it for 5 and so on.
4 After you have programmed in your number of gears a 0 will start flashing. Snick it into first and a 1 should start flashing. If you don’t get a flashing1 then start the programming over by inserting the button and hold down until an L comes up so you can program in the gears again.
5 If you have done the programming right and you get a flashing 1 then ride the bike and the 1 will flash faster and finally turn to three horizontal bars in place of the 1
6 When it has obtained the info for first gear it will switch to a number 2 Then shift up to second pausing your shift for a half a second in neutral to register it then on to second gear. Again waiting for the flashing of the number and finally three bars showing that is has taken that gear also.
7 Continue this process until all the gears have been recognized by the DG8.


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