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Well I'm on the market for a leather suit soon, most likely a 2 pc suit. Currently I've got a A* TZ-1 leather jacket with A* GP Plus gloves and Sidi Race Vertebra boots.

Wanting a bit more protection for my legs so I'm looking at 2 brands in particular and they are:
-Joe Rocket GPX

Now the price difference is not too bad as the Joe Rocket is less money.

One thing is the dual density body armour on the Joe Rocket does not seem sufficient in a crash compared to CE hard body armour found on the A* suit.

What are your opinions on dual density foam armour??? To me the foam does not cut it when you are sliding on pavement and about to strike something.

Does anyone have opinions on this???

Joe Rocket doesn't seem to sell CE hard plastic armour seperately.

Thanks for any info that you can offer.
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