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Isn't there a website where the LDR guys buy all sorts of electrical farkle???

I'm after one of those cigarette lighters with a quick-connect that will plug into the pigtail I've already got on the bike for my Battery Tender.


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Yep, or "SAE/Dual Cigar Outlet - PAC-030". That's the one I have.

It has been said that you can get these types of things much cheaper from someplace like Wal-Mart, but I've always gotten high quality stuff from Powerlet, and never had a failure, so....

Check around if you want.

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What the fuckle is a farkle?

Can always count on you.

Personally I think he makes this chit up. :idunno:

This is all I got when doing a search. Okay it appears people in texas need more cows or something. I know, more SHEEP. :sheepsex:

A Game of Chance With A Texas Tradition

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