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I've been noticing those youtube videos where they tell you how to assemble your own free energy generator are coming back. I'd normally wouldn't pay any attention to it but I've seeing that many people believe them, in my own street many people think they can actually modify an alternator rotor with some curved magnets and somehow with a motor get to have infinite energy basically for free. I'd think that with all this easy access to information and education with the internet and all these technology devices, something I surely didn't have back then when I was in high school;
the other day for example I was watching how my nephew was getting instant help from this basic algebra tutor service app which highly contrasts with my time back in high school, people would be more able to spot false information/scammers and just ignore them. But I guess the easy the access to information the easy is for them to take it for granted. Also, not to defend them, but energy bills are going crazy, specially in Europe and winter is yet to come. Anyways, I think I should not think or pay much attention about it but sometimes I get frustrated by this :coffee:
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