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Fat man in a little shirt.. (CRf250x)

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My friend picked up one of these recently and a few weekends ago I was finally fortunate enough to take it for a spin. I say fortunate because the last 250 I rode was a WRf250 (01) and just plain didn't have enough grunt to move my 6' 260'ish carcass with grace on the trails.

But this little crf has some damned juice! its delivery is electric smooth and very predictable, but can still loft the average windfall with a slight twist of the right grip. Suspension was plush, obviously undersprung for my weight but I do beleive if just doing casual woods riding or if I was 25# less I could get by.

It's got that magic button though, which while adding some weight to things is very well worth it IMO. Be clear, this is a pipsqueak of a bike, I ride a YZ450 regularly which is inherently lighter, and I didn't really notice the weight till it was discussed.

Just thought I'd share because I think this is a really great ride, it took the big H long enough to get it out but they obviously spent their time not in lax.
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Oh yeah, it passed the mud bog test too. The machine spent the previous part of the day up to the headpipe in swamp mud, this photo is after a few buckets of water were tossed on it, just to clarify ;)
Looks like a pretty cool ride! Ahh man, I miss my days of dirt bikes. Of course, I grew up with the predominant new improvements being "laid down dual rear shocks", with 3-4" of travel, then the prototype mono-shocks. My favorite MX'r was my old '70 400cc square barrel... Wow, I hope I'm not aging myself here... ;)
Bacchus said:
My favorite MX'r was my old '70 400cc square barrel... Wow, I hope I'm not aging myself here... ;)
well just cause I wasn't born for another 7 years and I'm closing in on 30 shortly, nawww :p

You're never too old for a new dirt scoot ya know...;)
WAnt to know if this bike is a hie mentnance bike like a CrF or you dont hvae to do anythign pretty mutch llike a normal quad
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