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I just picked up a First gear Leather-Tex jacket from my local dealer.  I was just going in to 'look', but we all know how that goes.  I have never had a textile jacket, but the price of $119.00 peaked my interest.  I at first thought, ya right orig. $235... ummmm hmmmm.  I ran home checked out Parts411:

Part #  Item in Basket                            Our Price      
50-4118-TR  DIABLO JACKET RED 2XL         $225.71

                                                    Subtotal: $225.71

So I rode back and picked it up.  Still a few left in red, and the gray.

The jacket is very nice, but while riding home, I noticed a bit of buffeting.  I felt like the Sta-Puff marshmallow man.  The jacket fits well, an XL, for me at 6'4' 225 lb.  My question is should I loosen up the waist to allow the air to flow through, or should I get a set of Race type gloves?  I am sure that the gulf stream is coming from the sleeves, as my gloves do not go over them.
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