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Got a backpack...

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Here's the link for it

Paid about $60 OTD and lemme just say that this thing rocks!! More compartments then I'll know what to do with
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Looks nice! It'll match your bike nicely.
Yes, now I just need my bike back Only two more days <sigh>
Where is your bike? First service? What did I miss?
Heavy-Dee : Where is your bike?  First service?  What did I miss?
First service. I get it back Thursday night. Of course the weather has been nearly perfect every day, other then Sunday
Those guys are literally about ten miles up the street from me. I've seen their stuff before, that pack looks pretty neat. Maybe I should walk in their huge warehouse building and see if they've got any factory seconds for sale.
A nice backpack is always welcome.

I bought a MSR one when I worked at the shop a few years back, man was it worth the $$.
Support, support and more support, as well as great constr., pockets, and weatherproof.
It even has a pocket for 100oz. Camelback bladder!
i don't mean to be a nanny, but i was reading a while back that wearing a backpack on a bike is risky- if you come off, the backpack can catch on roadside protrusions and send you tumbling down the road instead of sliding.

i usually wear one myself on long rides, but am starting to look at other options now...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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