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johnnycrash said:
Very nice. Is that a mohen or a pfister?
Cheapazz Delta....made here in Indiana.... :crap:

TB, I'm wondering how you might know that unless you had a prior... :huh:


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:rotfl: You guys are killin' me.

If my house was that nice I probably wouldn't wave at anyone either.


And ... for the record - pfisting is not only legal in Indiana, it is encouraged.

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My wife says it's hard to find me on the track now....the old plain red helmet stuck out better. This one looks like all the others from a distance... :crap:

Helmet fit great and was relatively quiet... :thumb:

Chainstretcher....take a close look at this pic....notice the hero blobs, flectors, mud flap, stickers et al.... :smilebig:
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