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gp-1 kevlar suit ?

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Anyone have any experience with this suit?
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Kinda expensive for kevlar no? Same price as leather.
Hmmmmm...I remember someone saying something about Kevlar not being a good sliding material and that it'll stretch and allow the padding to move around if you go down. The post is somewhere on the archives on the old forum

I searched quickly and didn't find the thread. Maybe someone will chime in.
Kevlar is stretchy?? I don't think it's stretchy, they use it in the big mooring lines for ships simply because it does not stretch, don't know if the way it is put in suits would be different, but in mooring lines (and fishing lines) the stretch is almost zero.
Yes, I have a GP-2 suit ... It saved my ass on a 65-70mph low side. Not a scratch on me! I thought I had broken  some ribs but the x-rays showed otherwise.

The Tri-armor body armor system works really well and has extensive coverage. That was in 1998 i've had the suit repaired and use it for track days!

Its about 6 lbs lighter than leather, on hot days you can pour water on/ into it and it helps keep you cool! Machine washable.

The bike was totalled ( a 91 Honda VFR750) I was also wearing an Arai helmet,Teknic gloves and prexport boots.

It does stretch because the kevlar is interwoven with lycra.

Its not my experience but, Ive heard that the kevlar suit can transfer heat through to the skin from the friction of a slide and may burn the skin. This doesnt compromise the abrasion resistance of the suit.

I bought another Motoport/Cycle port GP-2 suit for the street, have their canyon Jacket, Bodygaurd Jacket and ultra II pants.

My other gear is an Arai Quantum F Haga replica, Alpinestars GP plus gloves, prexport race boots etc

Hope this helps .... Motoport has good stuff!!
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