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GPS hardwiring question

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Hey gang, what's the best way to hardwire my soon-to-arrive GPS on my bike? I've been told it's best to run right off the battery with an inline fuse; that way the unit doesn't turn off when you shut the bike off for a fuel stop...

...which begs the question: does the GPS "reset" or do you lose your trip data if you shut the bugger off part way through? Sorry, GPS nOOb!

Maybe splicing into the running lights or something is the route. :idunno:
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No, it dosn't lose anything if you turn it off. But, I've always went straight to the battery with an inline fuse.
Excellent. That's what I'll do then.
1) Get the hardwire cord from Garmin (or just cut the end off of the supplied cigarette lighter adapter).

2) Get some of these, and one of the "eye" connector sizes will fit right onto the battery terminal screws:

3) Then get one of these:

4) Solder it all together, and you're set.
Hrmm, well, I think tvnav told me the loom they're sending me is already set up with the inline fuse - all I have to do is add the terminal ends for the battery. We'll see...
Yeah, if you get the hardwire kit, it comes with the inline fuse holder already.
Can't wait. :hyper:
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