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Has Honda fixed most of the issues on the Pioneer 700 in the 2023 model?

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I am in the market for a new side by side and I have narrowed it down to the Honda Pioneer 700 and the Kawasaki Mule Pro MX. I have read that some but not all of the Mule Pro MX's have an issue running rich that Kawasaki can't seem to fix. Then reading on the Honda Pioneer 700's some had cam failures and some had transmission issues. Has Honda fixed these issues in the new 2023 model? Any other problems I need to be aware of? I do wish the Pioneer had a turf mode for the rear end like the Kawasaki does.

I have had a couple of Polaris Rangers, one with a fuel injection that ran rich that two dealers were unable to fix. And another with fuel injection that is hard to start (cranks and cranks). Anyway when I upgrade I want something that will be trouble free. Any advise or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Somewhere I read that a Honda Pioneer 500 was modified for turf mode, and then changed back right away.
The torque caused the machine to lurch one way when accelerating, and then lurch the other way when decelerating. Just not enough mass/weight and width to be safely driven.
A 700 might not be as bad, it is a little heavier, but that could be the reason Honda does not offer it.
So, I have to ask, why the Honda Pioneer 700 and not the Honda Pioneer 1000?

The 700 has 3 forward and 1 reverse.
The 1000 has 13 gears. 6 low, 6 high, and 1 reverse.
The 700 has 3 drive modes
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The 1000 has 4 drive modes
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Read this thread from a Ranger owner.
"Polaris Ranger Owner looking at Pioneer"
Make sure to read post #4.
Some VERY good information about burning up our Honda clutches.
Have a good day
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