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I've recently been fortunate enough to get my hands an old honda Big Red (4x4) 400?

I am trying to determine what year/model it is exactly so that I can start sourcing parts (front end CV's are completely cactus for a start)

We stripped down the plastics & bars to try to find a manufacturers plate so that we could determine year/model etc.

I've been foraging around the net & trying to google images to locate what year/model I have, so many years/models to cut a swathe through & with no real product exposure, at a loss where to start, at this point I am still unsure & would be very grateful for anyone who can assist.

other than the grey seat, the '4x4' decals visible in the picci, the 'big red' on the tank, there is little to help identify it.

I found mention of a serial number being under the air filter in the airbox, & another mention of it being on the goose neck, but 3 of us pawing over the entire chassis were unable to find anything.

would be most grateful for a nudge in the right direction so that we can begin on the path of refurbishing this unit.

we had just started the takedown & I realised I didn't have any pics, you can see the seat is already off but is grey & I am assuming the original, as the bike has had very little in the way of TLC or upgrade, beyond bits falling off or being hacked off to concoct a makeshift solution.

the small bar on the front of the rear rack is an add-on, obviously not standard.
apologies for the quality of the photos, (done in haste with a phone).
the little vertical panel directly behind that bar is a tool? box lid incorporating the tail light

also the front rack isn't bent, just half off when i remembered to take a snap & didn't realign it properly.

there were some decals going over the rear plastics, not sure what they said, (too worn to decypher).

I hit the whole thing with some degreaser & a hot-wash over the weekend, found a few repair issues, but nothing major & a bit of attention wont fix.

I would be most grateful to any with an experienced eye whom could identify this beastie
even moreso if anyone could also tell me where we should be looking for a plate etc to get the serial/vin model number off


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You are not in the USA, correct? While I’m not a Honda history expert, my memory tells me that the Last Honda Big Red (BR) in this country had 3 wheels not 4. What I see from the pictures is an older Honda Foreman :idunno:
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