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Dunno if it is appropriate place to post this but I need help with exhaust for my Honda s2000. Hope guys you will help me out. I surfed over the internet and here is some options according to this site and many others I considering:

5zigen Proracer GN

Piping is made of SUS 409 full stainless steel and the muffler is made of SUS 304 with an inconel cut-weld finish tip. Same size piping as the regular Pro Racer. This is one of the quietest single exhaust that was made. Slight angle out on the exit. Very rare system.

5Zigen Pro Racer X-3
Not much information available at this time.

Air Walker
This is a dual exhaust system. Unfortunately other then that there is no other information on this system.

Amuse Dual Euro
60mm piping into two 45mm pipes at the split. This is a full titanium dual exhaust system. There is not much information on this system at the moment, but that it is a very quiet system with some decent minimal gains in power. It weighs in at 21 lbs. Very stock looking system OEM style system. The main benefits of this is the weight savings. Also similar to stock in sound.

Any help or other thoughts appreciated!
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