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well guys i was asked to post this up so here yall go
first things first I did alot of searching and i couldn't find a light that matched the ones in the big reds so i did some research and came up with this i used a 880 bulb witch will fit in the headlight housing with no problems

you may notice that the 880 bulb only has 3 holding tabs on it and are slightly smaller in diameter than stock bulb but what i did i just put the bulb in the housing and kinda just pushed it to one side to where it felt good and snug in it

now i used some good house hold sealant/ aquarium silicone and put it all around the bulb and the headlight housing to keep it water prof and the help keep the bulb in

i use this stuff all the time it's pretty bad a$$

now you have to wire up your ballast you can either hard wire them or just plug the little prongs on the hids in the stock plug and tape them up real good (that is what i did) just make sure the prongs will not touch each other i put a lil tape around each one on mine and you can see where i mounted the ballast up

last thing i did was drill a hole in the stock cover and ran my wires through it

i let the silicone dry for 24 hours with the hood up so the bulb wouldn't move to be on the safe side but been riding all weekend long with them and haven't moved at all but this is the finished product

the only some what of a down side is you lose your high beams but it doesn't really matter b/c the regular hids are brighter than the high beams ever were i used a 6,000k bulb in mine its a very light blue color more white than any thing but like i said its got alil blue tent the higher the number the bluer it gets until you get
here is all the bulb colors

and i got my kit off of ebay it was like under $40 and the name brand was xenon xentec kit
well hope this was helpful if yall have any questions just ask i'll try and answer them
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